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      Hi everyone,


      I am going to purchase one of these three cameras and are wondering what your thoughts are regarding their image sensors.


      Sony PMW 200 – Has three 1/2 sensors

      Sony PXW X160 – Has three 1/3 inch sensors

      Canon XF205 – Has one 1/2.84 inch sensor


      Now, there is a difference in price as well.

      The PMW 200 is 4400 pounds

      The PXW X160 is 3100 pounds

      The Canon XF205 is 3000 pounds


      The PXW and XF205 are completely new camcorders with some new bells and whistles. But what is most important for me is a camera which can be used for broadcast work, ENG, low light events, sports etc. It needs to be sturdy and realiable. I know the PMW 200 is widely used and has a good reputation, but it is also more expensive. Just wondering what your thoughts are rgarding pros and cons when it comes to their sensor sizes, especially in regards to the Canons one 1/2 inch sensor. Is it vastly different from the quality of the three 1/3 inch sensors and three 1/2 inch sensors? so much that it should not be used for broadcasts work?


      Thank you in advance!

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