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      hello everyone. I know everyone is going to say you cant do it but I just need to figure what the best way will be to publish a video from 1080i 60 to DVD. I am only using adobe premiere elements 10, so I am not sure if I can even do it. but can anyone give me some suggestion on how to get the best quality to the DVD. Or is the best quality going to be for me to upload to youtube since no one has a blue ray player.

      Thanks for your suggestions and help.

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      Damian Lloyd

      If what you want is a DVD that will play 1080i video on a standalone DVD player, then yeah, you can't do it. The maximum the DVD-Video standard allows is 720×480 for NTSC and 720×576 for PAL.


      You can burn a 1080i file to a data DVD, and viewers can play that on a computer — or even on most Blu-ray players.


      Or you can burn a Blu-ray disc.


      But no — you can't make a DVD play higher-than-DVD-quality video on a standalone player.


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