ProRes won’t render, but Animation will?

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      I was hoping to get your opinion on where to post this question:  Why won't Pro Res 4444 render?  I installed FCPHD 7.0.3 ok. This is a fresh install on a brand new drive that only contains the system software installed from apple disks and one app I know to be safe.  My main goal with doing this is to get the Pro Res 4444 codec in my system so it's available for other apps as well.   


      The issue is when  I try to render using any Pro Res codec, I get "Error! CompressSequenceBegin Failed="-8973". I can render using the Animation codec just fine, but none of the Pro Res codecs will render.  Software update keeps asking me to update my Pro Video formats (which I've done twice, but it keeps asking me to do the same thing again)  Do I need to move or replace a file somewhere?


      I'm running 10.6.8 on a quad-core Intel Mac Pro 16 Gigs Ram.


      Thank you again for all your help in the past, and any advice you could suggest here!



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