Promo Video For my Church Easter Drama

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      So I was asked last second to make a promo video for a church play called Jesus through the Eyes of John. I really scrambled for content because I was busy editing a video for the actual play not to far away. I put up the video on youtube:


      I used some videos I found online because I really had nothing to work with. By no means am I a professional at what I do, I just like making videos. Hope you enjoy.

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      Very cool Idea and fairly well executed, but I would highly advise against using materials you did not create yourself; unless you have the express permission of the owners of that content. If your church receives anything such as ticket sales or donations from the production you could be in serous hot water from content holders. I can't stress this enough DO NOT USE material you did not create or have the rights to use! This includes music, video, sound, still images, and any kind of media. I know the temptation and this is how I started making my first pieces, so I know the benefit of starting with using others work, but let me gently nudge you out of the nest on this one.


      Anyways here is what I would do, I assume that slide with the dates and times is yours unless you "borrowed" the background picture. Start with that and add music from: Make sure you read how to give credit to the music creator (Here is the link to that: )  This is the easiest musician I have ever worked with; I have talked with Kevin a few times and I love his work. Now you have a slide and background music and you are giving Kevin credit somewhere in the video, Now make a few more slides such as "your chruch's name presents" transition into the other slide and "reserve your tickets now!" or something like this it should take you about 20 mins or less to do all this. Now text is boring by itself, but never borrow images you didn't take or have the "written" permission to use. Here is a bone for you:   & one more: 


      Now if your editing software allows set these up behind the text, add some drop shadow so the words are easily distinguishable from the image. If you want to get fancy use your editor to zoom in on the image slightly then slowly pan from one end of it to the other; giving the effect of movement/video instead of a still. Now all this should take you 40mins or less and you will be saving yourself a potential mountain of headaches and possible legal fees (yes they can come after you for making the video)


      Final thoughts delete that video from youtube keep it for personal viewing so you can look back someday at how far you have come, but never show it in a public way again.



      Best of luck, & Happy Easter

      Justin Reto


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      That's actually the difficult part about editing for me, I'm tying to rely less on others work and more on making it original. We are not making any profits for this drama at all, I guess that's why I wasn't exactly concerned about copyrights, but I need to be more aware of using material not mine. Thanks for your input.

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      Space Racer

      If you just want to do text and pictures, I believe that you can do some pretty nifty things in  PowerPoint for Windows and then export it as a movie. And if you stick with the pictures and animations that come with the program you'll know you're not violating anyone's copyright.  


      And yes, using copyrighted works without permission is stealing and we all know what the Great  Videomaker in The Sky says about that. 

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