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      Of course i am posting this after I've aleady done my video. I have edited a bunch of Flip digital video footage into a 3 minute production. It is standard definition. 


      When I set up the project, i chose the preset Standard: 48KHz.


      The problem is none of the specs listed for this preset match the specs of the footage. Listed below are the Standard preset specs compared with the footage specs:

      Preset                                                     Footage

      Editing mode: DV 24p
      Timebase: 23.976 fps                                  
      Video Settings
       Frame size: 720h 480v (0.900)                      640 x 480
       Frame rate: 23.976 frames/second                29.97 fps
       Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV NTSC (0.9)          (1.0)
       Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)
      I am using a song from ITunes (it's legal don't worry) as the audio track and it's 48Khz, so that's fine.
      I have not rendered or exported the video yet because I notice two problems.
      1. The pixel aspect ratio and the frame size differ between Preset specs and Footage specs. Consequently there is a black border top and bottom of the screen. I don't know how to change these or whether to change both frame size and aspect ratio or one of them.
      2. When I play back the project and watch it in the Program/Sequence monitor, I am getting a few "blips" here and there, that look somewhat like what we used to call "drop outs" in the old days, except these cannot be drop ouuts because it is digital not tape. It's sort of like when the cable t.v. program you're watching (which is also digital) freezes momentarily with a distorted, HUGE pixelated look to it. Any ideas what this could be? Can I get rid of it? Does it matter or will the blips go away when I render the video?
      Thanks in advance for your advice!!!!


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      I hope the above is readable. I didn't realize this forum doesn't keep your formatting and I couldn't see how to edit it. 



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