Program or software that will help run a school TV channel???

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      We have our own school TV channel that is broadcast throughout the surrounding area. It has become real popular over the last 3 years. We have a lot of people watching and that is great. The problem for us is that because we have a lot of people watching, they like to know when certain programs are going to be on and I understand that. The problem we have for this is that we have a lot of content and programs and games that may run for 45min, or 90 minutes or even 2 hrs.

      We have a computer that runs an older program that is totally archaic and that was actually geared for VCR time. It was really made more for a power point type of product. I try to run it on a schedule but it is too time consuming to do so. We run our channel 24/7 and just loop a lot of content to play randomly as much is just student projects and start times are not important.

      The issue we have is this. Let’s say we want to schedule a game for 4pm on Tuesday. The day is not the issue. The issue becomes the time. Let’s say a 45 minute program happens to come on at 3:55 and our game is scheduled at 4, that 4 o’clock start time will not happen. It won’t start until 4:40. This never used to be an issue with our channel but because it has become so popular people are getting spoiled. So popular after a death of a patron they left his memorial to our network.

      Is there something out there that is more geared to video and for time schedules. Hardware based? Software based?

      Does this even make sense? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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      How does go out the community, over the INTERNET? If so you have you answer right there. A spreadsheet, a little planning and notice that scheduling is subject to change as decided and needed, is all that is needed.

      A little advertisement on your broadcast about you new TV guide channel and list the URL to site and folks will understand/

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      He had quite a few intersting answers here

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