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      I'm planning to buy a solid steadycam for my Canon XF-300. My price range is from 2000-3000, with all the kit (the monitor, the stand, etc…).

      Someone has a suggestion?


      I've checked the Flycam 7500 ( )


      And maybe the Came pro ( ) 


      But I can't find a review. The Came pro seems more solid, and I've read some bad review about Flycam 5000. The 7500 seems better but I want to be sure. 

      Does someone have tried one of these product or heard someone who has done it?


      I know that I can't afford a true Steadicam pro but my goal is to have the best in terms of quality/price.


      Thank you,


      Pierre-A. Pelletier

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      I had a 2500.00 steady cam a few years back, I screwed with it for months to get it right and then found out that everytime I cahnged cams I would have to do the whole thing over again…I finally sold it for 1000.00 and never shot more than 1 minute of footage. Just an idea to toss around in your head. By the way I do mostly weddings and with the new sony steady shot its way easier anf looks alomost as good. good luck.


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      what about glidecam? i have a hd2000 with my xa20 and its amazing. took forever to properly balance but when it was its amazing. or you can look at Zacuto rigs. those are in your price range and the new recoil shoulder rig looks like a beast! im thinking of getting one.

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