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      To start a professional live streaming event, what do I need except for the camera? how much does it normally cost? After a little research, the cheap solutions as BoxCast, Livestream, are still beyond my budget, as they require a monthly software fees, then I found a Kickstarter project”YoloBox”, they cost only $359 for everything needed, which is half or one third of the most solution available.

      Does anyone use any of those before? Can some one suggest?

      here is their link:

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      Get a capture card such as a game capture device. One I use is the EL Gato HD60S, works great and they provide streaming software. Your PC must have USB 3.0 or higher to capture video, USB 2 is too slow for capture. Youtube has free streaming. Set up an account if you don’t have one and start streaming. That’s all it takes.

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      between Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere with After Effects, but it depends on what I’m doing. They mostly work the same, it’s just such things which are easier to do in some programs than others programs like . For example, adding multiple videos and audio tracks is a pain in WMM – it can be done but it’s a horrible process

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      “they cost only $359” … really, man?

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