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      I know that people post here asking about production music and where to get the best deal or for free.  I just wanted to note that Dugital Juice has there Back Traxx 1 & 2 music libraries for $49 each. 


      Each volume contains tons of music and some unique instrument sounds etc. 


      i own both and use them quite often.  They are are also offering some free bees if you spend $99. 


      And they some motion graphic sets for $10 each this weekend. 


      I don't work for Digital Juice  just a satisfied customer a like their products. 

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      Participant also has some licensing options, which include popular songs you have heard on the radio.  Not an endless selection, but good for the cost.


      Also don't work for them, but a satisfied customer.



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      Check out – this is a great option for those of you requiring "custom music".

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