problems with colour /image breakup

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      HI, I have had this problem for years and hope somebody can shed some light on the cause.

      I use Video Pad version 2.41. When I render into mp4, I occasionally get a problem in the video where the image distorts for one or several seconds (or even longer) and the colours run and the image ‘melts’, which is the best way I can describe it. It only happens in mp4; I have tried different output quality settings and re-editing the whole thing usually only changes the location that it occurs. Only some movies are affected, not all. It occurs on HD and medium definition, sometimes even low definition material. What happens is that the picture will suddenly freeze for a split second, then the image just melts in places while it is playing. I wouldn’t call it pixelating but it is similar. The image playing loses all definition and the colours merge and run into each other. Sometimes it is barely noticeable, other times it destroys the whole video.

      Has anybody had this problem? I wonder if it is just Video Pad somehow has corrupted those bits of data. But I wish I knew what caused it


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      Kevin Mc

      Sounds like a bad mp4 codec in Video Pad. You can always render using another codec, then use Handbrake (it’s free) to convert to mp4.

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      Thanks for suggestion. I’m not sure what you mean to render using another codec? As in render into mpg or flv, then convert to mp4?

      But this will take away the clarity advantages of rendering into mp4. Changing to mp4 from an original that was rendered in mpg for example, will not give the definition back.

      I don’t think it would be successful anyway as I have had lot of problems trying to convert to different formats, using two different programs, up to 50% just give errors and will not convert.

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      Kevin Mc

      Handbrake will convert it to mp4, with great resolution – depending on your settings in Handbrake. You get to set the video quality in HB to determine the render settings high quality / low quality – you decide). But, if the resolution is bad in the original footage – there’s not much you can do to improve it. Try HB to see if you can get the mp4 you want.

      About codecs:

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      ok thanks Kevin, I will try that. regards..

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