Problems exporting videos from SD card to Mac

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      Hi everyone,

      I am fairly new to video making but I have been having a technical problem that I can't find a solution to and would love any help with this. Basically, when I record a video through my camera (Canon XA10) and the insert the SD card in my MAC, the video files do not show like they would normally do. I have to click on a folder called Private and then on something that looks like a video file called AVCHD. Once I open this, all the video files show, but I cannot scroll properly and I cannot drag and drop the videos into my computer. The only way I can put a video on a computer is if I open it in a QuickTime and then in File select Save as or Export. If I do this, the files that get saved on the Mac have small glitches in them which is relaly annoying. There are no glitches if I play the video directly from the SD card, so somehting must be happening when I am saving the videos. I tried to get the videos today on a Windows computer and I had no problems. I could see a list of videos straight away and I had no problem copying the video in the computer. Does someone work with a Mac and has the same problem? Is there any way to get the SD card showing the videos in the 'normal' way? It only happens when recorded on my video camera. If I record something on my DSLR I can see videos without a problem and I can drag and drop them without a problem. Can this be a problem witht he formating of the SD card or something like that?

      Thank you very much for any help!

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       I suspect that the AVCHD file format isn't completely compatible with the Mac, perhaps a missing or outdated codec. I know when downloading from my Sony NX5U I have to use the software that came with the camera to insure accurate transfer from the SD card to the computer. You could try downloading the files and re-encoding them as .mp4 files through Handbrake. This should make the Mac happy.

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      I have been using Canon with Mac for awhile. I currently use a XA30 with a Mac (personal) and Windows (work), depending This may not be the best way but it works for me. If I am just exporting a few clips and not all then I will click on the Private folder then right click on the AVCHDfile and hit "Show Package Contents", then right click on the BDMV "Show Package Contents" then some folders and files appear. Usually the video files are in the Stream folder. Hope this helps.

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      The AVCHD files structure was always intended to be a 'whole' – so your editor could use all those other files to provide the other data that is handy – but not essential. Lots of people have always promoted copying the entire folder structure, when the video file you want is indeed in the stream folder. In Adobe Premiere, I can bring in the entire folder and it sorts them out – but frankly, I just delve down into the folders and bring in just the one I want. It's a bit annoying, but it doesn't (and never has) caused grief apart from a few extra clicks.

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