problem with video quality!

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      I have Sony NEX-VG900 camcorder, i feel the video quality should be better than this!

      i’am sorry i don’t know what this problem should be called! but i think the pictures below explain everything!

      I tried to use several lenses, and i tried to change the video settings, but nothing change!

      look at the buildings in the pictures and tell me please, is this a normal quality of 3000$ Full Frame camera!

      Excuse me for my bad English πŸ™‚


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      I suspect you have some of the camera settings badly selected. I brought your picture into Paint Shop Pro and adjusted the color, brightness and sharpness of the image and it looks pretty good. As it came from your camera the colors are desaturated, it’s dark and lacks contrast. Experiment with the various settings and you should be able to get fine images from your camera.

      I’ll leave this image available for a couple of days so you can look at it.

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      That camera should look an awful lot better – but so much depends on what mode it was in? Where did you get the image from? Is it a screen grab from your editor or what. We can’t judge the problem unless you explain a bit more. Could you put a ten second clip or so on youtube in HD? This camera if used in stills mode has amazing resolution for it’s size and price. Video is best judged when it moves.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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