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      Hello, I have a Benq M11, always used the same sd card… till I lost it. I took a new card, copied the clips we had in it from my pc, inserted the sd card, and appeared the text "Error". Oh, I did wrong. I cleard the card. Error. I tried to format the card in the camcorder. Cannot. Formatted in my pc and put the card in the camcorder. Error.

      Tried with 3 different sd cards. Error.

      Took out the battery and put it in. Error.

      Could the first sd card have damaged the camera?

      What can I do?

      Thank you…

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      I suspect the issue is with the Beng M11.


      Try reviewig the manual that came with your camcorder.  If you no longer have it, you could also try the manufacturer's web site.  They'll frequently have manuals availale online.


      If that isn't helpful, call ther customer service.  Good luck!!

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      I'm not familiar with the Beng M11 camcorder.  Could it be that you are trying to use an SDHC card and the camcorder only takes SD (non HC) cards?

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