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      I worked with the project and closed it OK. Next day, I tried to play Sequence 01 timeline, and it wouldn’t, neither touching the space bar or the Play button. I saved the project with another name, and again, it wouldn’t play. I made a copy of Sequence 01 timeline and pasted it in another sequence which does play, but on getting to the timeline of Sequence 01, it wouldn’t play. Then, I export media to obtain an .mp4 file, but the following error message shows up : [..\..\Src|AudioRender\AudioRenderContextConstructor.cpp-110]. Help, please!!!!!

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      Hi Maria


      I have CS 5.5 and CS6 but I don't think I could replicate your problem to help with a solution.


      I think your best way to get help especially with that error message are the adobe forums.


      If you don't have an Adobe ID you can get one and then be able to ask questions.   I used it and got an answer the same day.  People who use the products as well as Adobe staff monitor the forum in order to help.


      It doesn't even matter whether ypu bought a copy or got one from a friend or something.  They don't ask.


      Here is the link



      It says Login in the top right corner. Click there and if you have an id enter it if you don't you can create one.  Anyone can create one.


      Normally I like to be more helpful but your problem needs people with more experience than I









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      Your Welcome,


      If you find an answer and wish to help me out.  (I did not answer because I wanted something back)


      I have this ridiculours video on Youtube.  Not something I normally make.


      I like silly and if you want to see it and say whether you thought it was funny or not or horrible or whatever let me know.


      But fix your issue before doing me any favours.



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      I just thought of this.    If you want to find out if your Premiere Pro is corrupted in some way.


      Do you have a back up of the installation files?


      You can uninstall.  Restart the computer and reinstall.


      If you did get your copy from a friend or somewhere,  there may be another way to get a back up installation copy.


      My mind is just working overtime at the moment.  My hope lies in the adobe forums.


      I offere this suggestion because I remember reading a thread where the Adobe Tech suggested the reinstallation as a solution for a diffferent problem




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      tks so much!!!!!


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