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      SO! I have a canon XA10 with 2 XLR inputs and a 3.5mm mic input. I have a shotgun mic that has an XLR jack, and Implug that into my XLR on my camera but then I have a wirless mic also but it has a 3.5mm mic input, and It seems as though I can only use my (2) XLR inputs on my camera OR my MIC input, but not both at the same time!


      How can I use my wireless mic AND my shotgun mic at the same time? A 3.5mm mic to XLR adaptor? A setting on my camera that I havnt found? Or should I just not use them together?


      I only film hunts of me and my friends and just want the most/best audio possible but I am very stumped!


      Thanks for the help!

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      a mini jack to xlr adapter would work. check

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      You can also use a mixer, which gives you more control over the signals going to the camera. If you do this, be sure to plug your headphones into the camera. If you have a mixer you can also do dual system sound and then sync it in post. Azden has a good mixer that won't break the bank. It is the fmx-42a four channel field mixer. For the price, it does excellent work.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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