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      I have Magix Video Pro X 4 and have just started having a problem importing clips into the timeline.  The clips play okay in manly players but enter timeline at shorter lengths than the actual clip.


      I have done some reading about this problem and understand the theory of it however I an wonderimg why it is only happening to Video X.


      I tried the same clips in Sony Video Studio X3, Ulead Media Studio 8, the latest Cyberlink Power Director 12 and Magix Medio Pro 15 plus which I also bought some time ago whilst looking for a replacement to Media Studio 8 which I used since its inception. The clips imported correctly in all of them. I went back to VPX and once again they were cut off at the same place.


      I never had this problem before with VPX so wonder why all of a sudden it happening now especially when all the other programs I own import them correctly.


      It is driving me bananas and either need to get to the bottom of it or move on and concentrate on Power Director which seems to be the quickest renderer by far and most forward thinking program. I see that t now has up to 4 cameras now which is one of my needs.


      Can anyone give me any clues why this is  now doing this?


      I haven't made any preference changes to the program since I last used it but think maybe soimething has chnagd or corrupted.


      I'm just stabbing in the dark. Any help please?





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      Perhaps, try a reinstall of Video Pro?

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      AvatarLaguna Hiker

      Sounds like it may be a codec problem. It's going to be tough to get help on Magix, since these forums lean heavily toward Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Sony Vegas. You might have better luck on a Magix-specific forum.

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