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      I am going to make a music video in my bedroom and some shots outside. With a 80s video looks to it. What would you recomend buying?


      I have a samsung h204 camera now which is ok,but I wanted to ask you guys.


      I will be adding a 80s vhs look to the video so it shouldn`t matter.

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      A guy at the store said a canon xf 100 would be a good choice.3000dollars max

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      I think one could pull off an "80's" look with the camera you have.

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      Me too. It was kind of a dumb question,but I was just wondering what to do because the zoom sometimes goes out.


      Plus I might want to do some more videos later on this year- That will not be 80s vhs look.Plus I can have lights on it.

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      Any camera can give you an 80s look with post-processing. That said, there are much better ways to spend $3000 these days than on the XF100.


      If you want a pro camcorder with a shoulder mount, XLR inputs, a large sensor for shallow depth of field and interchangeable lenses, the Sony NEX-EA50 is on sale for $2725 at Adorama (after $600 mail in rebate).  Here is what this camera can do:







      If you want to step up to RAW video, the 2.5K resolution Blackmagic Cinema Camera is $1995 body only.  Here is what this camera can do:







      Hope this is helpful, and good luck with your project!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution






Viewing 3 reply threads
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