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Printable DVDs Printer?

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    Looking for a reliable good quality printer for printable DVD’s that has software for the labeling, if possible. Thank you!

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    Primera Bravo SE3 works for me. It’s quiet and fast and comes with good software for printing high quality graphics on discs. At about $850 you’ll need a fairly high volume of disc per year to recoup your investment but as far as quality goes it’s worth every penny.

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    I have an Epson Printer. I would give you model number, but we are in the process of moving and it is packed away

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    Like Dave, we used an Epson printer for a couple of years. It only printed one disc at a time but did an excellent job. We’ve purchased several reconditioned Epson printers that have worked quite well. They came with a one-year guarantee I believe. Worth looking into if you don’t need a high-volume printer.

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    Jack, what I learned eventually is to use a Program that came with some printed DVD label sheets. At one time I had a Laser Printer (it got destroyed when I moved) and I could clear labels. That pined 2 or 4 at time, depending on what sheet I used.

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    I use an Epson XP 640 Expression Premium. On sale at Staples for $79.99. Replacement ink is about $70.00. I am very satisfied with the print quality. You can import your own Background or Picture.

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