Pricing Your Video: With Examples

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      I get so many inquiries regarding the cost of producing videos that I wrote a blog article hoping to reduce the amount I have to repeat myself.  The price of video production around my town seems to be secretive and if you call around and ask "what will it cost?", much of the time you will be answered with the question: "What is your budget?".  Clients HATE this, because they think companies are quoting based only on what they think the client can afford.  It makes the industry feel sleazy, which motivated me to write about it.

      This was written for clients wanting to produce a video, but I thought I'd post it here to share our methods and get feedback about how other video producers are going about this.

      In the article I've posted two video examples along with their cost.  Can you post examples of videos you've produced, and what you charged?  I already know what people in my town are charging, but am curious what others around the country (and world) are charging.



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           Very interesting and well written article.  Thank you.

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