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      I need some advice from people who may have experienced something like this.  So over a year ago I shot a wedding and now, the salon where the bride and groom got ready in are looking to buy some of my footage to use in a commercial.  (Luckily I kept it all even though the project has been closed for quite sometime.)  Any thoughts on what to charge?  I let them look at all the footage already and the salon lady brought up having access to about 3 minutes of footage.



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      This wouldn't be a problem for shots that were only scenery but, since this was for a wedding, I'm assuming that the bride and/or groom are in the shot. If they or anyone else are, you're going to need signed releases from them (and probably pay them) before you can do anything with the footage.



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      I include a clause in my wedding contracts that gives me the right to use anything I shoot for promotional work or other projects. Since it's signed by the couple it covers them. This works great for still photos especially.


      As for guests that appear in the video… I suppose that could be a grey area that since I'm not a lawyer, I won't advise you either way to use or not use it.


      If you do sell them your footage, advising you on how to set a price is difficult. It would depend upon your market price for video production, wedding video production, the rarity of your footage (I'm assuming their product is being shown in the clip,) etc. Stock footage could go from $50 to $200 per shot if that helps. You also have to weigh how badly they want your footage, what their realistic budget is and what price you place upon any added liability should someone in the video object to its use.


      Also consider the effect of the price on your future relationship to this salon. If giving them a good deal gets you more business it may be worth cutting them a bit of a break.


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