Price Point about $500 Which camcorder?

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      AvatarJohn Newby

      My video needs are home video and I prefer something that can handle low light such as inside the home at night without going immediately for additional lighting. (My old Sony *mm had really good low light abilities.  i also like to go with a wider angle. (I have had to buy screw-in wide angle conversion lenses previously.  Last some type of recording to media like SD cards.

      Or should I be looking at an "inexpensive" DSLR instead? 

      Any suggestions?

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      Hi John – at the $500 price point, your best option is the $520 Panasonic DMC-FZ200 bridge camera.  With its 1080/60p and 720/120p slow motion, amazing 24x constant f2.8 lens and external mic input jack, you can get results like these:



      Natural light documentary:




      Special Effects (please watch at 720p):




      Well lit interior (paired with Panasonic LX7 point and shoot): 




      Low light interior (please watch at 1080p):




      This really is a unique camera. At your price point, no entry-level DSLR will give you its 24x constant f2.8 lens, no camcorder will give you 720/120p slow motion and no other bridge camera will give you an external mic jack (that said, the FZ200's mic jack is a non-standard 2.5mm, and you'll need a $4 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter for it to work with standard microphones).



      Hope this is helpful!



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      AvatarJohn Newby

      Hi Bill!  many thanks for your suggestion, I am watching the videos and this does look good!  I think it hits all of what I need.  Super!


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