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      This is for Jack Wolcott

      Hi there!  I can't seem to add to the forum topic, so I'll do it this way..  (When I click on the other conversation it thinks I am not logged in.  Very weird bug.)
      You remember the situation I mentioned about 'static' problems in a house of worship?
      Your recommendation helped us a lot.  We traded out everything up to the Coax converter box, and the problem was gone.  We narrowed it down to a broken connector on the side of our tablet.  There was a USB-C connector there providing the signal, and it had been reinforced with duct tape to keep it from being unplugged.  The tape was also preventing us from realizing that the port had been broken by some side impact in days gone by.  Once the tape was gone, the plug mooved around a LOT, and whenever we touched it, the screens went bonkers.  New computer on the way.
      Anyhow, thank you for steering us in the right direction!!  The person who was responsible for the system was convinced that since everything was..  'new'..  it was all working as designed.  He was convinced there was a power problem, or some other thing causing static, which was causing our problem.  That misconception costed months.  My firend and I found the problem in a couple hours, once we narrowed it down.  (took us a couple hours to think of removing that duct tape…  then the problem was obvious.  We hadn't even considered that connection till then.)
      So… on behalf of our whole congregation of about 120 people..   THANK YOU!!

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      You're very welcome. Glad to be able to help you with your problem and delighted you were able to track down the break.

      Best of luck with your gear.

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