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      I am applying for jobs as a video editor and I was wondering if there are any typical interview questions I should be prepared to answer? Are they different for Assistant Video Editors? Thanks.

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    I don't know about anyone else but my interview focused more on how well I can handle stress and making deadlines. Of course I was applying for a news editor position so the attitude my interviewer had was anyone can edit videos they will train the right person so they were hiring people with passion for the business and ability to handle stress. He did ask what software I had experience with, what classes I took in college and things like that but his biggest concernt was ability to handle tight deadlines. He didn't even ask to see any of my work. I think getting into the business at entry level a small or mid sized news station is the best way to go as everyone here where I work started as an editor, a very basic skill in the news industry, and most I talked to were hired with little to no experience. If your regular job interview skills are top notch and you know how to present yourself then you got nothing to worry about. 


    Now I can only speak for my experience but I worked for a wedding company before this one and I did a lot of freelance stuff before that, the questions at the wedding company were basically the same, how well do you handle stress and tight deadlines. I have a hunch those are the biggest concerns anywhere you go as even Corporate videos or Hollywood have those tight deadlines. 

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