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      I am editing a video that was filmed with purple lights. All of the people are really blue. I have done my best in premiere pro, but everything I do creates a sick orangey purple glow when I try to take out the blue. I can’t effectively get a proper skin tone. I have tried the following effects:

      – channel mixer
      – color balance
      – change color
      – video limiter
      – tint
      – equalize
      – change color
      – ASC CDl
      – Auto Color
      – Luma Corrector
      – Luma Curve
      – RGB Color Corrector
      – Three Way Color Corrector
      – Lumetri Color
      – Fast Color Corrector.

      I feel like I have tried everything. Is there anything left to try, or one that really works best for anyone in experience? any advice I would appreciate.

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