Premiere Pro CS3 : Lost sound from clip when adding to timeline?

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      This is probably a really newb question but here goes.


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS3 on OSX Lion to edit footage shot in 4:3 with a miniDV camcorder and gotten off the camera using iMovie then imported into Premiere as 320 x 240 .mov files.  I want to edit it together with some title cards I made in Illustrator and then burn the sequence to a DVD that could be played on an HDTV.


      I used the top center playback panel to set In and Out points and insert the clip in the timeline, and when I do this I have sound in the top center playback panel but not in the top right timeline playback panel.  


      What am I doing wrong and should I hear sound when I play back the sequence in the timeline?


      Thanks if you have time to help me!

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      Whoa that must be frustrating. Do you get sound in the time line panel when NOT using in/out points? Or is all well until you use the in/out points?

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      I'm not sure about Premiere CS3 but in older versions you can insert a clip without the sound. There are buttons near the monitor of the clip in question, when activated, you can insert just the audio or the video. In the case of audio a red X will cross out the icon of a speaker. If CS3 still has this feature graphically (I'm sure it has it, I just don't know what form it will take) just click on the icon and the X should go away and you should be able to insert the complete clip. Hope this helped.



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      If I just drag in the clip,  I have sound.


      If I use In and Out points in the preview monitor, then insert it, I have no sound.  Then if I delete the clip and drag it in again, I still don't have sound.


      Also, sometimes when I drag in the clip most of the timeline has a red graphic glitch, like the whole timeline turns red.  I'm wondering if there's a Lion compatibility issue.

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      You are a lifesaver!  Thank you!  I figured it out when I tried to import just audio with the button you mentioned on the lower right corner of the top center panel.


      It turns out I didn't have the audio track highlighted when I was clicking insert.  The video track was highlighted in the timeline, and in the clip preview I had the button for "import both audio and video" selected, but because the audio track wasn't highlighted in the timeline, it was only importing video.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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