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Premiere 5.5 and plugins

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    Hello everyone,


    I've always loved video editing but didn't give it too much time (mistake), i would like to start making music video clips for local young talents here in Africa using adobe premiere cs5.5 but I don't know what plugins to use.

    Can anyone suggest which ones I could use as basics for video clips please?


    Thank you

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    I use Premiere 5.5  and am lucky that I know how to connect so that get some of the best plug ins for free.   I will mention them and if you have money you can buy them and if not maybe you can find a way to get them for free.


    I will give you the names of what I have and the websites.  I found them doing an internet search for Premiere Pro plug ins.  Or best plug ins for Premiere pro


    I believe they all have free trials


    From Gen Arts there is the Sapphire Egde plug ins.



    From Red Giant I have the Magic Bullet Suite.  This includes most of their individual products.



    Click on Products and a menu drops down


    The company who makes physical lens filters also has software  Tiffen DFX 



    Boris Continuum Complete



    Those are the ones I have, while I don't use all the effects they offer,  it is good to have them available.

    Today I used an effect that I never thought I would use and it was perfect for what I was trying to do


    Hope you have a fast processor as I have learned the more effects you add the slower the preview window becomes,  Too much and it becomes jerky and the image freezes as the soundtrack continues.


    I am building a new desktop to be fast enough so that doesn't happen

    Good Luck


    If you have any questions let me know.  If I have an answer I will give it.

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