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      i am editing a video about an event that I filmed at the college where I work. I am using Premier Pro CC. I added one title with the names of the two main speakers, then added another title with the names of two guest speakers but when I did that their names appeared in the first title as well. If I edit one title the program automatically edit the other title at the same time.

      What do I do wrong and how I can solve this problem?


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      Now I know about the difference between Instances and Duplicates, but still I cannot figure out how to create a duplicate. I tried different steps that I have found online but nothing worked.

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      Just create a duplicate, rename it and then edit it – they’ll be two separate items.

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      Maybe there was a glitch in the program. I will have to start all over from scratch. I will figure it out eventually. Today I had a “fistfight” with Illustrator. Without Google’s help, where I live I don’t have internet, I was able to “trick” the program and got my college assignment done.

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      Thanks Barry, I’ll try next time I need to created titles with the same style. I wonder if it’s possible to create a style in Premier and then apply it to multiple titles like you would do in a documente in InDesign or a artwork in Illustrator.

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      My guess would to look up exporting styles from premiere pro. That would be the first search. Then if that doesn’t work. I would try to phrase it differently. That’s how I use the help section if I have to.

      Good Luck

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      I got mixed up. I think style refers to a static title while I have to duplicate an animated title. I animated the title manually again, more practice I guess. Now I would like to import the premier pro title into after effects as if my editing life is not complicated enough as it is.

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      I tried this but it didn’t work out and I changed my mind and simplified the title editing, voila’.

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      After creating 20 titles in premier pro alone and other six in after effects for my latest video I have finally learned how to make titles using those programs. (I do need more practice in AE, though).
      The video that I am editing now is not so loaded with titles, but the audio is turning out to be challenging. But that it another story.

      Happy fun Thanksgiving. I may plunge into a creek do some salmon spawning therapy and you?

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      I have made multiple titles before without doing duplicates. I just went into my Premiere Pro CC to make sure I could do it again.
      Whether the titles have a colour background or something from the video, it doesn’t matter.

      Since you have already made one that works and you put it on the timeline. To do the next title. drag that blue line thing on the time line till it passes the first title and it will go to black.Then click on title pick still and create your title. close it. Take it from the project list of clips and so one then drag whatever you named the second title to the time line and place it after the first title. you can then expand or contract it from there. I assume you have seen the red indicators with arrows that appear when you are at the beginning or end of a clip.

      if you click on create a title and place it over the other title in the timeline then they will combine..

      This works fine with me.
      All the best

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      Making a template from the first title was easier for me. Unfortunately the animation that I added to the title is lost so I’ll try to find out whether I can save the style of the first title and then apply that style to the second title or not.

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