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      I was on a deep rummage in the pile of debris which has accumulated over the years . . .  and my first camcorder bubbled to the surface. I recall dumping my CCD-V101 Sony maybe a dozen years ago because there were too many dropouts and glitches. Since re-discovery I have run a couple hours of tape thru the thing, and DANG if it coesn't look pretty good!


      But I noticed that there seems to be an aspect ratio mismatch. It's a nominal 4:3 format, but when viewing a DVD made from a Hi8 clip, the 4:3 setting on my HiDef TV seems to cut off the sides of the picture. If I select " full " aspect ratio on the TV, I get the full video frame but it appears " stretched ".


      I uploaded the video from the camera with a setting of " DV – 720 x 480 " in the Premier-Pro software because that was the closest setting I could find to " plain vanilla video ", but I'm wondering if this may be the source of the size/format mismatch??


      Rick Crampton

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      Hi Rick,


      Since analog cameras lack Firewire, how did you get the footage into the computer?


      Note that whether 4:3 or 16:9, DV video (NTSC) is always 720×480 – the "widescreen" option is derived by just changing PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio), so just using wider pixels results in anamorphic 16:9.


      So what happens sometimes is during the capture or editing, somewhere along the way the PAR can get misinterpreted. In Premiere, are you certain you chose "NTSC DV" and not the "widescreen" version? Right-click your video clip in the Premiere Project Bin and look at Properties – is the PAR at 0.9 or 1.2 (widescreen)? If the PAR is incorrect, right-click clip and select Modify > Interpret. There, you can force the PAR to what you need.


      Of course, the other possibility is that the video and DVD are just fine, but the DVD player and/or TV is messing things up, there are so many combinations of settings to deal with…




      Jeff Pulera

      Safe Harbor Computers

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      Thanks for the response, SafeHarbor . . . I right-clicked on the project and " properties " sez nothing about Pixel Aspect Ratio. The best information I can come up with is, " 740 x 480 ". Short of staking my life on it, I am certain that I chose NTSC DV when setting up the project.


      The analog video was digitized via ADVC-300 Canopus. I should mention that the picture looks perfectly fine within the " safety zone " while editing, so I guess the problem lies in the process of formatting the file for DVD burning . . .


      Further " trouble-shooting " yields: PROPER size and aspect ratio when DVD played via Windows Media on my computer; and " distorted " siza and aspect ratio when played into my 42" Panasonic Plasma TV in the living room when played either on the BluRay DVD player or the Philips DVD recorder. There doesn't seem to be any way to futz with the aspect ratio or picture size on the BluRay player; and no combination of settings in the DVD recorder vs settings on the TV will yield the proper picture size or aspect ratio. Perhaps I should clarify that playing the DVD on either DVD player yields a picture which doesn't look " stretched " in 4:3 format on the TV, but the left and right edges of the picture are cut off.


      I seem to recall a setting, perhaps it was in Encore, which alluded to proper pixel ratio or size if the DVD was to be played on TV . . . . . I guess that's my next place to look . . . .


      Rick Crampton

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