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      Good Morning, I am new to the site, and to Videography as well, I have enjoyed Photography for many years, and worked in Construction Management for many years, approaching retirement  age (59) I want to combine my passion of video and photo with my experience of Construction.  I am in the process of starting a pre-construction video company. In my line of business (water and sewer service) I have found it limited as to people offering this in our area.  Any input from you seasoned video folks would help me so much.  I am starting on a shoestring budget, buying a used sony xl2 with all the bells and whistles(1000.00).  I need to learn more about videography, certifications,license,insurance, or any other piece of advice you have…Thanks so much

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      I'm tempted to ask about your business model rather than answer your question! Welcome to the video business. Certifications? None, anyone (everyone) is a videographer. License; if you started a business you should get a business license. Insurance; talk to your insurance agent if you are entering worksites, and about insuring your business assets, and in the event of injury to yourself or employees. You may wish to talk to a lawyer about liabilities.

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      Thank you BruceMoI, I am very excited about this, and I agree, actually my attorney is the one of my biggest supporters, I am in the light-bulb stage right now.  The XL2 is a little dated but it will surpass all the specs for the job.  I have went over hours of pre-construction videos related to my present job. I guess editing is my weakness.  The XL2 was used by an individual that had a wildlife video business, and has al the bells and whistles, such as remote mics lenses,tripod and case.  Thanks again for your comment.

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