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      Im Trying to build up a View and subscribers
      So if you wud like to have a look and comment, like, subscribe and share.

      Please feel free


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      Here's mine :

      I'm making VFX with After effects ! Please comment & suscribed!

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      YouTube has been a target for any business nowadays, either large or small. This site made online marketing more effective that any business is doing it. After figuring what video to produce, you can then able to attract a wider audience. If you don't have any idea where to begin when producing an online video, visit

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      Thats my Youtube Channel, here you'll find Action Videos and Compilations and other stuff (brand new video today)


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      PS: The Video is not for Under ages!

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      hip replacement its my video,look and suggest me how i can get more like,comment,subscriber etc

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      Hi, my name is Josh. I recently finished a new pizza/BMX video
      project and uploaded it to YouTube. It features me riding BMX on
      pieces of pizza around Portland, Oregon.

      I am trying to share my video with people I think would find it
      interesting. I hope you enjoy it!

      Pizza/BMX video:

      Josh Navarro

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      hey am Jenssons i started this channel over 3 years ago and i am finding it hard getting it out there so please have a look at my channel i bet we can make you laugh.
      here is our channel trailer hope you enjoy it πŸ˜€
      and yes i do take pride that i am a dyslexia, aspergers, dyspraxia, ADHA youtuber on the autistic spectrum with a lisp.
      one more thing could you please give me some feed back on the channel that would be great πŸ˜€
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      I’ve been starting up a YouTube channel recently. A lot just for my own entertainment, but I really appreciate views as well. Some videos may seem a little stupid in ways, but it’s my kind of humour. Hope you guys share it (my type of humour). Thanks!

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      What’s the best way to promote your channel publicly?

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      AvatarJolly Carson

      Not sure if this is still active but would love some people to watch my channel and give some feedback. I am good at taking constructive criticism so please feel free to share your 2 cents.

      Here is my channel: mainly infant son laughing but soon will be a toy review channel

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      AvatarBenjamin Wu

      Watch this one. Happy to give advice if you have a specific question, or take constructive criticism if you can help.

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      here is mine

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      From The title of your Topic it seems like you started it as a place for others to publisht their Youtube videos or channels.  And they did.


      But you asked if people would like to look and comment and like and subscribe,


      You want to build up viewers and subscribtions but I'm not sure how much critique you want.


      I went to your channel,   I looked at some of your videos.


      If you want a comment months after you posted.  I can make some quick ones.


      8 to 15 minute videos are fine if something happens in them,  In youtube you have to get attention right away,   You should invest in some screenwriting books.  The  principles in an hour and a half story apply to a ten minute story but compressed.


      Energy and enthusiasm are compelling. Your latest low key rambling into the camera won't keep anyone's interest.


      Comedy is hard.  I know, I make a decent portion of my living doing it.  But I wasn't as good as I am now.  


      Take some acting or improv classes.


      But as you like making videos, which is great. And have friends who make them with you.  You are lucky.


      But as an experiment,  Try making some 2 and half minute or less videos.  Make them full of enthusiasm and don't linger on any aspect.  Keep them moving, physically or metaphorically.


      If you are feeling tired and down but feel you should make a video.  You have to forice the enthusiasm until the camera is turned off.


      I have depression but you would never know it when I perform on stage on in a video.  Except in the bits of footage before the camera is turned off.


      You seem to have a good start. You have subscribers.


      I have none.  I just started posting last week and most of them are my videos that I did over the year while continuing my quest to learn film making.

      Many are kind of odd.  But that's okay.  I also have one that is 8 seconds long.  It is a guy yelling at people offscreen, he then turns around and crashes into a pole and falls to the ground.


      Not hilarious but I am told it makes one smile.


      There you go, comments.


      But right now I won't be subscribing or liking or sharing


      Good luck and find outlets in your school or where you live to learn about entertaining.



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