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      I'm looking at options to record up to 3 HD video feeds, and a computer screen cast input, as well as multi channel audio.


      Ideally we'd like the ability to perform live switching between the video feeds, as well as overlay graphics, and integrate other videos into the production (although this is not essential). 


      Ideally we would be able to run the setup from one or two laptop computers. 


      Does anyone have any options on what hardware and software might be the best fit?

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      Hi sroho – it sounds like you need an inexpensive video switcher/effects generator like the $500 (on sale) Vestax PBS-4 Personal Live Web Broadcasting Audio & Video Mixer or the similarly priced Sima VFX-11.


      The Vestax has one HDMI video input (plus 4 composite and 1 VGA), while the Sima's inputs are all composite and S-video (2 each).  The Sima generates more special effects, however (e.g., strobe, mosaic, paint, picture-in-picture, wipes, chromakey and lumakey).


      The Vestax is aimed primarily at web streaming.  Here is a demo of what it can do:





      Hope this is helpful!



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