Polarizer Filters for Camcorder

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Here I am for another question!


I've been told that Circular Polarizer Filters are a poor choice if combined with camera movement because (in theory) the movement of the camera makes the angle of light change and that affects negatively the footage. Is it true? Shall I avoid Cir-Pol Filters?


Secondly. What do you think of these filters:


Are they any good?


Thank you all!!

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I assume you know the benefits of polarizing filters, so I won't go into that, and you're interested in the differences between the two. If I remember correctly (it has been a while since I learned about circular filters, I'll look it up later and let you know if my information is inaccurate) the only benefit was if your camera used a beam splitter for the viewfinder, a regular polarizing filter could darken the image to where you couldn't see what you were shoting or the film might not capture the image depending on the filter's orientation. This was back in the day of film cameras but since you're working with video (I'm guessing) it might not apply. If you're camera has a single chip (CCD or CMOS) then you probably don't have any worries, but if yours has three chips you may have a problem and a circular filter may be the only way to go. As far as whether the light is affected by movement  I can't say, none of my shots have had enough movement for any problem to present itself. I suspect that it might show itself if you had a lot of hand-held moves especially camera rotation. Hope this has been some help.