PMW200 problem – sudden and total loss of power

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      Can anyone shed any light on this please?

      I had not used my PMW200 for several months. I went to use it and was in the process of formatting media on card when suddenly it seemed to loose all power. Just as I hit 'execute' to format media everything shut down and I can not get any life back into it at all. Its as though its totally dead. I have tried 3 different batteries and mains and nothing at all. No response on LCD and nothing at all looking through view finder – totally deviod of ANY life at all.

      Any ideas on wht could havwe caused this? It was fine at last use.

      Any thought much appreciated. Thanks




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      You'll have to look at your camera's manual to see if this could be the case, or call Sony repair: the Sony PD-150 and 170 have a small internal battery that keeps the date/time active when the camera is shut down, even if there is no main battery connected. When the internal battery died the camera could shut down in the manner you are describing. I encountered this twice when we were still using those cameras. These batteries were recharged when the camera was connected to a power source but could perish when the camera was left idle for a long period.

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