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      When will our plus memberships be reinstated?

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      I'm sure it will eventually; I think we just have to be patient. The new web site is pretty clearly in disarray and I suspect it will be a week or two before things get straightened out. I don't envy the web guys on this project, although I'm not sure why they introduced the changes before things were working properly.



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      Mike Wilhelm

      Try them now. You might have to log out then back in.

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      I am supposed to have a Plus membership but honestly can't get logged in past the regular site.  Not sure what part of the site has information supposedly available to plus members and every time I click on a link that is supposed to log me into something that is plus related I get an error screen saying I can't log in to that. 


      I paid extra for this?

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      If anybody knows a solution to this, I'd really appreciate a pointer:


      The form at is broken.


      Once you log in with your username and password and get to the Plus subscription form, if you select any country other than US you get an AJAX error message and cannot successfully send the form, no matter what you put in the boxes.


      It seems it's therefore impossible to upgrade to a Plus membership if you don't have a US billing address, as far as I can see.


      I emailed the webmaster, giving the error message and pointing out that the form wasn't on https, on the 21st October.


      Nobody from Videomaker has bothered to reply in the last 2 weeks, the problem is still there, but at least the form is now secured with ssl, even if it still doesn't complete. So people at least aren't sending credit card info unsecured across the net anymore.


      If anybody with a non-US billing address has successfully upgraded, I'd appreciate a nod in the right direction as to how they managed to.


      Of course, I'm assuming that Plus membership is properly functioning and allows access to old videos again after the recent problems. If it's still broken I'd also appreciate a heads-up so I don't waste money on a non-functioning upgrade.


      I don't usually get put off by technical problems, but with the broken forms, ssl snafu, reported access problems and lack of response, I'm beginning to think twice about whether subscribing to Plus is a good idea at the moment.


      TIA for any pointers,



Viewing 4 reply threads
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