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      I just got a Sony PCM-M10 portable recorder which provides this odd thing called "plug-in power".


      This is not phantom power but some type of consumer level mic power.  They recommend only one Sony mic – but am looking for other ideas on what can work.


      On a budget so far I've only found a few – Audio-Technica PRO24 is one, some Rode or Azden models but I'm not sure what's out there in the very low end side of things.  All I need is something to cover documentary and golf instruction videos – so the teacher can hit the ball and speak and all be heard from one mic position.


      The PCM-M10's internal mics are good but omni = not very directional.

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      For what it's worth, the mics are binaural – rather good stereo imaging, but doesn't work on loudspeakers, only headphones – as the idea is based on the model of human heads – we have two omnidirectional ears (pressure operated), that have an obstacle between them (our skull). The Sony has the unit itself as the obstacle, so can record quite realistic stereo, but needs to have the left and right outputs into each ear with no crosstalk to work properly. 

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