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      I mainly film my self still playing guitar and upload on youtube. I have a sony Vixia HFR 42 – always shoot 1080p, 24fps + a Go Pro hero 2 same settings. MP4


      I don't usually light my room very well but I am not conciously shooting in bad lighting and I film in various lighting situations including sunny days in the mountains.


      I then edit my files in Sony Vegas/After effects and always export 1080p HD, 24fps. sometimes as AVI if its AE. However, all my youtube videos are uploaded using Sony Vegas recommendation of: 1080p, MP4 for internet. it results in a good file size per minute (I've just rendered 1:45 minutes and it was 150+ mb). I never bothered with the quality because it was quick, and the size is manageable to keep in my HDD.

      Having said that, I want to up the ante a bit and make better quality videos. So far, all my videos are grainy and it is annoying to see other guitarists at my level and circle produce crystal clear videos (usually by hiring a film maker or getting a friend to do it) while I am stuck producing grainy videos


      I read that lighting reduces grain a lot. I am wondering, how much of that is at play? considering all the cameras I use are grainy in multiple shooting situations


      Also, if there is anything you can tell me about rendering options, how to double check my set up is correct, and anything like that, I'd greatly appreciate it! I also like to read and watch tutorials so dont hesitate to share links


      Here is the video I made recently. It might be unfrait to ask you to evaluate it because I've edited the colors and added a slight blur. Having said that, if you focus on the body of the guitar you'll see an unchanged grain from the original footage:



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      The blur is simply horrible and looks like a mistake, personally I'd suggest not using it as it serves no purpose, spoils the video because you can't see detail and is at odds with the other frame.

      Key features are the physics. More light allows the camera to not need as much gain, reducing noise – and also increasing the depth of field – in the case of the guitar having the headstock and the right hand fingers infocus is difficult without light. You also need to consider contrast. when light levels are low, in your right hand picture there is an awful lot of black, and what whites are there are underexposed. Shadows of course give depth and visual interest, but too many spoil it. Lighting is frequently used as a blunt tool by many, which is a shame. I like sharp focus and everything in focus and rarely in my work do I want to work with the lens wide open and gain dialed in. even modest gain boost in my cameras produces too much noise.

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      Another downside of noise in the video from low light is the increase of decoding artifacts in the picture. You can see the start of blocking on the guitar body as the h264 compression tries to cope with the noise.

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      HD space nowadays is dirt cheap. If you are in the US and aiming at youtube, then I'd switch to 30fps 1080p and maybe H264 for a combination of good quality and modest file size – but I rarely worry now about file size – TB drives are cheap, so why mess up your 'futurebility' with a decisions now that time limit your videos. H264 works pretty well with quality images, but as Charles says, if your video has noise, this is identified as fine detail and the attempt at processing produces nasty artefacts. 

      One question. What do you want the videos to do? Showcase the sound of the music, feature you as the musician, or show how it's recorded (or something else). This sets how you should do it. For music purposes, then artistic images are needed. For showcasing musical prowess, then the lighting needs to be improved. The background can also enhance or annoy. So many things you can consider.

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