Pliz give me some feed back, dubbing!!

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      Hello everyone.

      I'm newbie. So Idk much about the rule. If I'm wrong please correct me.

      I did my assignment for grade 12 communication technology class.

      And.. unfortunately my team members were busy… 

      I work by myself so I couldn't distinguish each characters voices.

      besides that please give me some feedback it will be really helpful.

      I made story from the movie great gatsby, 2000.

      I cut some scenes, put it together and did voice over, foley, soundtrack and everything.

      Any comment will be really helpful. 

      Also I'm afraid whether you can understand the story that I created.

      I didn't have much time so,, It is very rough


      Thank you everyone!!






      If you can, please give me comment based on these criteria
      -soundtrack: appropriate, well timed, adds not distracts, from project, fades.
      -foley: Is present throughout entire project, several different foley techniques(walla, ambience, soundFx)
      -Voice-over: Applied thoroughly, in sync, at least 2 technique is used (Fx)
      -Creativeness: techniques and concepts integrated effectively, smoothly and were implemented in creative way(outside the box)

      Thank you very much

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      Hi Redfruit,

      Great job I had a project just like this in 12th grade communications class, and it was actually the thing that sparked my interest in video making, and ultimately let to my video business I have today.

      Tips: most of the voice is loud enough I find if you push the voice channel it tends to get distorted so I usually save doing that. I would however turndown the background music a bit it tends to drown out what is said a little. If you don't have much time don't sweat it, but I would add background to the text and a drop shadow to make it pop off the background. Here is a guide to see what I'm talking about:

      The soundtracks in my opinion fit pretty well and your sound effects of the thunder go well to set the mood.


      Overall great job keep doing this the more you do the more you learn video is an artform.


      Justin Reto


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      Dialog needs some compression in order to keep it up front and intelligible. The foley in the opening scene is pretty lame.  I'd recommend that you use a low monitor volume so that the large level differences are more obvious . . .

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