Please tell me about your D800-E video experiences

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I was just getting ready to plunk down the CC for a D800E when I discovered that there is a new version getting ready to be released. Also, I'm still a bit concerned about using this camera for video.


I am going to do some weddings and some music videos.


I would REALLY appreciate hearing some real life feedback from peope who have used this camera.


Thanks for your replies :-)


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Hi Runner Brett,


I haven't shot with it, but you may be interested in what Philip Bloom has to say about the D800E in his D800 review


 - "any video shooters out there AVOID the D800E. It has no low pass filter which means aliasing and moire hell!"


If you're serious about video, there are better choices out there - and some of them cost a lot less money.





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I got great videos with my D800e even though it is better for stills.

I did not get very much Moire at 6400 ISO or lower.


I recomend the GH4 instead.

Not just for 4k or 1080P 60fps

but because you can shoot for hours on a TriPod unattended.