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      hi to all,

      i am trying to edit and render for dvd some videos from mobile phones that were recorded at school closing ceremony few days ago

      the videos are in 3gp – avc mp4 format (640 x 480, 720 x 540) with durations between four to ten minutes

      i was trying to edit those videos in my sony vegas 5 with crop function but without any luck

      i have converted those videos with xilisoft video converter into windows avi (max quality)

      those videos are also a little blurry and were recorded from a distance of lets say ten to twenty meters so that’s why i was trying to crop them

      i know that i cannot do much with those videos but possibly there is a way to somewhat improve even by a little the quality

      many thanks in advance

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      There are several issues to consider here. Your material was shot from 18 meters (nearly 60 feet) away from the subject. The pixelization to which you refer is almost undoubtedly the result of trying to crop a very low resolution image. 640×480 is DV quality and really can’t tolerate much cropping; the more you zoom in the greater the pixelization.

      Sony Vegas 5 was problematic from its inception many years ago; the program is currently in version 13. Version 5 was certainly not designed to handle many of today’s file formats. 3gp is a format designed primarily for cell phones. It’s anybody’s guess what happens when this format is run through a converter such as xilisoft. This is exemplified by your assertion that neither xilisoft’s version of AVI or MOV will play in Vegas 5. AVI files coming from a DV camera will play in Vegas 5 without any problem.

      If your files came into our shop I would try a couple of things: try changing the file extension from 3gp to mp4. If this doesn’t work, try converting the files to mp4. These almost certainly will not play in Sony Vegas 5, so see if you can find someone with a later version of Vegas or with another non-linear editing program. Try converting the files to mp2. Try converting to wmv format and see if you can open that file in Windows Movie Maker.

      Hopefully others on the forum will have helpful ideas as well.

      Good luck.

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      Jack, you pretty much covered it all. Vegas 5 is way too old to be able to deal with most new cameras which is why periodic upgrading is always recommended.
      The upgrade price from any version of Vegas Pro (which version 5 is) to Vegas Pro 13 Edit is only $200 which I consider very reasonable considering what you get for your money.


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      hi to all,

      i thank all very much for the replies

      my primary job is not directly related to video but from time to time i need to render for dvd’s for music i have created so that’s why i use sony vegas 5

      sony vegas 5 cost very cheap (ebay buy late 2009)

      yes, i know all about sony vegas 5 limitations and that’s why i use xilisoft video converter for my conversions

      the converted avi files from those 3gp videos plays well on sony vegas but i found the crop function too tricky so i tried something simple…

      i have burn a dvd straight from the converted avi files with sony dvd architect 4 (bitrate 4500 including acc3 sound) and the video looks quite good on my tv set (22″ lg led)

      i have to say that i really like the sony’s mpg2 codec and i haven’t had any problem till now


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      If your final video is less than 70 minutes long, use a custom CBR (Constant Bit Rate) setting of 8,000,000. The default AC-3 setting is fine.
      I guarantee that it will fit on a regular DVD and your final quality will look a LOT better than your 4500 bit rate.


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      dear rs170a i thank you for your reply

      negative, no difference is quality if i burn my dvd with the max video bit rate

      the only think i can do is to edit the sound to be sounded louder and fuller (pcm linear 48 khz)

      thanks again for your reply

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      Swift Shawen

      I have ever tried Sony Vegas. To tell the truth, it is not perfect for beginners. For me, it is not that simple to operate. So, I search for its alternative and finally I choose one called Joyoshare Media Cutter due to its simplicity. With this easy editing tool, I can still crop my video, change the aspect ratio, convert video to any other format without quality loss, edit my video in a customized manner, and even I am allowed to modify the output quality and parameters, etc. I am very pleased with it!!!

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      If your operating system is Windows then there may be a few hoops to get through, but try Kdenlive, it is a free NLE Video Editing program and is as good as Vegas 14. and it will take any file you throw at it. I use it for my video editing.

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