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      Hi all i am kind of new here and total newbie to video related matter.

      However i kinda on a “quest” to make a video, a proposal video actually however i totally have no clue how to do it.
      My idea as of now is there is this band that my gf is really crazy about, therefore i am thinking of doing a video mashup of some of their songs.

      But i feel doing video mashup is not enough (I have no clue how hard this is to be quite honest), I will really like to end it off with a message but not just any message i will like it to be something like how bumblebee in transformer talks where i combine a few videos to form a sentences.

      I tried googling however i am unable to find any not sure if i didnt get the keyword right or something therefore are there any advises i can get?

      Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

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      zalaxz, what you are proposing will take quite a bit of work between learning the editing and doing the editing. I suggest you try out a service like Animoto.

      You can get some pretty cool videos this way and you just have to pick and choose styles and options.



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