Please help me NOT be boring!

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      I am creating a video product that teaches people how to crate train their puppy or dog.

      I have been a professional dog trainer for 30 years and am doing this project myself. I know the material I am teaching works and will help people with their pets but I am not a professional videographer or producer.

      How do I create these videos and keep them from boring people to death?

      There will probably be around 20 short videos that run between 2 and 5 minutes each.

      Should all of them be done the same way?

      Please help me figure out my best options ie; talking head, powerpoint or combo. Thanks

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      What's the plan? Are you going to sell these videos, give them away? Make them part of your national The Dog Craterer Tour?


      I'm not sure you realize it but you are asking us to come up with a free marketing plan for you.


      Hire someone in marketing to help you develop a video treatment that will appeal to your target market. Then hire a videographer to capture the plan, then an editor to focus the plan.


      Watch some educational videos, look for what may be boring subjects and how they are treated on video. Then figure out how much time and energy you have to put into the BEST Crate Your Dog video around. Will you make your money back? Hmmmm


      I think we all understand and appreciate you wanting to avoid being boring – maybe all you need to do with your short segments is make them really short and to the point. So short, practical and relevant that people can't get bored.


      good luck



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      I DID NOT ask for a marketing plan! I asked how to create a video that was NOT boring. I asked if it would be better to do all the videos the same way like talking head video or add in powerpoint to keep them from being BORING. πŸ™

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      Well, given that you aren't open to comments, I'd just have to recommend going through Videomaker's archives and look for articles.  I can recommend subscribing to their magazine.  You're bound to find TONS of useful information.


      Other than that – PLAN!!!

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      I am open to thought out comments but when I am basicly accused of trying to get a "free marketing plan" I am sorry but I don't like that. I am very respectful of those who want to help someone and are trying to give real advice. I am sorry Ed if I sounded like I wasn't open to comments because I am.

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      Hey bigv,


      I just wanted to provide some scope of your request, not pick on you. Thanks for defending me Ed!


      The thing is, with the info you provided, we can only give you a few general things like length to help you make `not` boring videos. I commend you again for searching out information.

      So, you know talking heads are boring, you know long videos are boring, you know what you have to say is effective help for people looking for your solution.


      We understand you are looking for a creative way of making your video. If you were Purina, you`d have the animals talking, but lets just say you are like the rest of us who would love to have a viral video but aren`t willing to pose half naked girls in our educationals just to get YouTube hits. But it`s a thought.


      Other than brevity 'we' would normally recommend paying attention to your audio, people will put up with shadows and overexposure in video but if the audio is bad they move on. I also think using video talent helps a lot. I`ve done too many owner/operator videos who should have sought out professional talent. Do a test, ask your friends to crtique you. NOT spouses though, that's like asking 'do these jeans make me look fat?'





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      BruceMol, sorry for the missunderstanding. I agree audio is important so I just bought a Tascam DR-40 audio recorder and it is working great. Thanks for the suggestion.


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      Puppies will never be boring. Focus on them.


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      That's great to hear.  Brucemol has some very good advice.  Perhaps you're unable to hire out – but you should heed the tasks he mentioned.


      By creating a "treatment", you can identify your target audience and what you hope to achieve.


      Creating a storyboard and shot list will definitely help. You should also develop a script.


      Once you have these things, you'll be in a miuch better position to create something that's not boring.  Brucemol is also 100% correct, in that you want your segments short. 


      When I create instructional videos, they're all typically less than five minutes long: 



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