Please help identify reusable video effects/libraries (used in this great video)

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      Hi guys,

      I found a great video which has a number of video effects I would like to start using myself.

      Can you please have a quick look and tell me if I can find reusable libraries / effects so I don’t need to do it from scratch?

      Did these guys use any libraries? Or did they have to create every single effect from scratch? If they had to create from scratch how difficult it is to learn to master the same effects?

      Ideally I need to find ready-to-use libraries to start doing something similar or at least I need to find out what the best and most efficient way (software / tutorials) I could use to start doing something like that myself.

      P.S. I have a bit of experience with Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Adobe After Effects, but never did such amazing effects as in this video:

      Thanks so much for your fantastic help!

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    It’s just a guess on my part but it looks like they were using After Effects or a similar compositing tool to do it. Each effect would be done separately and added to the final video.


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    If I was asked to make something similar I would approach the job as follows.

    For the animation I would use Videoscribe by Sparkol, then for the talent I would simply use chroma-key green screen and last add the titles and logos as per normal.

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