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      me and a friend want to start a web series. i have one camcorder and i am interested in buying two lavalier mics for us to use. ive already figured out the lighting but i think sound is more important because the sound quality on the camcorder sucks. 


      the camcorder i have only has one HDMI port and i'm not sure how to get the mics to hook up to the camcorder or if i can even do that? 


      please help!

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      Do it film style and use an external audio recorder. Slate each each and every shot and you'll be fine. Make sure to record audio to the camera using your camcorder mic to use a reference for syncing it up in the edit suite. Lots of folks like the Zoom recorders but my personal preference (I own two of them) is the Tascam DR-70D. It's about the same price but you get a much better recorder for the money. Spend your money on the lav mics wisely. i.e. don't cheap out and buy $25 models. Spend a bit more and buy good ones with a balanced output (XLR plugs on them) . They'll last you for a very long time if you take care of them.



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