Please critique this wedding video!!!

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      Hello everyone! 


      Id id like to have the "World Wide Web" critique this wedding video. Please be completely honest and give both any pros/cons to the video as we'll as recommendations on what you would like to see different. Also please rate the video for me on a 1-10 scale (10 being the best). I would welcome reviews from anyone!


      Also, a question…. Would you rather see a video that covers the event with less focus on cinematography or a video that covers less but is extremely cinematic. Basically – with the cinematic way of shooting/editing the film – often times the company will only show a few seconds to a minute of things like the parent dances, first dance, speeches, etc. but if the company shoots with more of a coverage mindset the final product will show all (or more) of those parts even if the footage may not be as high quality. Thoughts??? 


      In closing, I am very interested in recieving an honest review of this film and hearing the thoughts of others in reference to shooting style, importance of coverage, etc. 




      Link to video…. 




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      Congratulations, it is a good work of productions.

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      AvatarSDE Weddings

      i think you should try to add more movements in your video by using slider, steadycam, and etc. 

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