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      HI this paragraph is a detail of problem please skip to question if its too much, So I download Movies from the internet and they are not synced with audio correctly. Some movies’ audio are hastened and some are delayed. So I tried a program like “virtualdub” so 1) they obviously stated that the video has a Variable Bitrate (VBR) Audio and I may encounter sync problems in sync in some players and they recommended full processing mode (so maybe they would fix it I haven’t tried it because I have slow computer *I Use Direct copy method*). 2) I sync the audio according to speech on first scene and it works perfect. 3)BUT it works for a scene and the next scene (approx. 20 mins later) Audio is no longer synced ! it hastens AGAIN. so I use the program again and a cycle begins. I sync according to one scene the other is not synced, and then the scene after isn’t synced as before the first adjustment.

      Question: Is there a way to fix the audio sync problem?? as I suggest maybe convert VBR audio to CBR? maybe a program would fix VBR Audio?

      (AVI INFO)
      Video Stream:
      compression: Xvid Mpeg-4
      avg. Bitrate – 1162.44 Kbits/s
      Resolution: 640 x 360
      Framerate: 29.97 fps

      Audio Stream:
      Wave Type: 1 – Microsoft PCM Format
      Avg. Bitrate: 1535.02 kbit/s
      Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
      Bit Depth: 16 Bits
      THANK YOU…

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      My only thought would be to bring the file into a video edit program and unlock the audio fron the video and resync.


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      In a video editing program (Adobe PremierPro) "unlock" the Audio from the Video and move it forward or back to realign then export the file to create the new version



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      YES! OK, so we understand each other.. thank you for the reply first of all.. so now I've read that option (Unlock/recompress/re-encode) and I was confused about the unlock /recompress operations… I would appreciate it if you'd explain briefly what's the difference and suggest programs and I'll do the rest, I have a few knowledge about audio sync situaitions so extra info would be even better.. thank you

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