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      Hi all,


      Though I have borrowed cameras occasionally from teachers and friends for many years, I have never had one of my own. I always thought video cameras were tremendously expensive, but there seem to be plenty around these days that are really cheap … so I figured I would look around for a place with lots of people I could ask for some advice.


      All the video taping I have done in the past have been with full-size VHS video cameras (yes, all my taping was 20-30 years in the past). From what I've heard from friends who have been involved with video cameras more recently, the picture quality on today's cameras are much better, but sometimes you run into brief (maybe a quarter to a half a second) glitches in the video. On the other hand, friends have made mention of the less impressive sound on newer video cameras.


      As to what I will be taping, I have always been a huge fan of Disney (and other theme parks) shows and entertainment, especially stage shows, performed both inside and out at the parks, so I would be taping fairly fast moving dancers, and singing in a variety of lighting conditions.


      Can anybody recommend specific cameras that would probably be good for such a use, mention general price ranges, and warn of pitfalls or issues I should be aware of?

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      Do you have a specific price range in mind?  That would help narrow it down quite a bit.  What is the absolute most you are willing to spend?  One suggestion is to look for one that has both microphone and headphone jacks.  That way you can monitor the audio and if it is not satisfactory you can add an external mic.  Are you interested in camcorders with manual controls?  They may be a little more pricey but they will give you more control over the shoot (especially in low light sitations).  If you are recording something with a lot of motion then you may want to avoid using a 24p mode and choose 30p or higher.

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      My A7s, 28-135 cine lens, 7Q+ recorder, shotgun mic, extra batteries, TriPod, etc.

      cost close to $8k.

      But, I can almost shoot in the dark and at high speed.

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