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      I have Windows 7 64bit ultimate professional and intel i5


      I have no problem editing my films but when I try to save my work I get a pop-up saying NGStudio has stopped working, and then the program closes.


      I've tried un-installing all aspects of the editing suite and re-installing but have the same problem.


      I have a system rating of 5.9

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      Sadly, I used to use Pinnacle Movie Studio when I started too, and suffered the same program crashes you are. I also tried the same uninstall, wipe the registry, wipe the open space on the drive

      and then reinstalling the software, nothing worked. Then I read (i think on a blog on this site) that the problem is not in the software but locked into your hard drive speed, The idea I picked up was to store your raw footage on an external hard drive and as you edit, then render, render the file to your main hard drive this apparently makes Pinnacle not have to read and write to the same drive twice which may be the cause of the crashes. I cannot say that I have tried this proceedure because I went to Sony Vegas Pro because it had a greater ability to edit Multi camera shoots

      and never experienced the constant program crash problem again

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      Oh you beauty!  I've saved the partly edited film to my external drive, closed the editing suite then re-opened it and opened the saved, partly edited film.  Thank you so much.

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      Chuckzootz is right on! You should never, ever, edit on the drive that holds your application. You'll run into problems with almost any software, for the reasons Chuckzootz indicates.


      Harddrives are inexpensive enough now that you might consider having a couple; some editors keep their application on the C: drive, their editing work on a second drive (D:) and render to a third drive (E:). If you choose to do this, consider naming your drives rather than merely having them identified by a letter. It's a lot easier to remember where your work is that way.


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      I had the same problem for a fairly long moment, and then I realized that I just had the project set up to save on an external drive that had been disconnected from the computer. You can change where you save everything any time at "SET UP" – "CONTROL PANEL" – "STORAE LOCATIONS"

      I just had to wait for the whole project to render again.

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      I use Pinnacle Studio 16 to edit my travel videos. In view of lenght it is not possible to complete the session in one go. With previous Sudio versions I used to save the project as "movie in progress" and resume editing at a future time. It seems that with Sudio 16 I can't find the method to do it. It seems that it cannot be done. What am I doing wrong? (I have Pinnacle studio 16 on 'c' drive , captured movies from Video camers on Drive 'F' and I have another drive'E'available.)

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