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      I,ve searched unsuccessfully for software to create a photo album page turn effect in Sony Vegas.

      Page Peel transitions don't create the correct effect.  This could be a transition, plug in or even external software that could be imported into Vegas.  I,ve seen it in use and am surprised how difficult it is to find.  Application is for a video intro (Wedding or any event).

      Thanks, Alexian

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      Try this plug-in for Vegas: Pixelan 3D Six-pack transitions, PageFX transition 25.

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      Have you searched or asked on the Sony Forums? Seems to me someone on the forum created a script that does what you're looking for, or perhaps pointed to a free FX to download. Zarash is right: Pixelan may well have what you're looking for.


      Back in the days of analog video, we used to create this effect by using a blue wand attached to the lower right corner of the page, we chromakeyed out the wand after we shot the turn. Cumbersome, but it worked. And in the right context — story telling, reading from the book, etc., — we would have the hand of the "reader" in the shot. Used this a lot when shooting theatre programs.




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      I use Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate Collections and it can do this, it is part of the built in effects package –  This is what Studio calls a montage, there are about 30 different versions of this book available for use.  Understand, I took about 3 minutes putting together that montage, in response to Yahoo Answers question.  I have in the past, with content a customer supplied, made one of these, set to music, about her son, who passed away about 6 month after I made that Montage.  She and everyone at the party that day loved it.


      You can see a screen shot of the two Video Editing Programs I have running on my computer here –


      That is a 99 dollar program.

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      Thanks so much guys and for making Videomaker what it is.

      Much to think about, much to research and and much to do to bring some fun into editing.

      Zarush I'll be taking a good hard look at Pixelan 3d.


      Jack, having grown up in photography where we mixed our own chemicals, made contact prionts, set up a darkroom to do enlargements and eventaully progressing to colour I have great interest and respect for doing it the "hard way" as you did.  I'll give your technique try sometime just for the fun of it.  Apart from that I'll take a look at the Sony forums – haven't done so up to now.


      Dave a friend of mine has Pinnacle Studio 14.  Will take a look at that offering.  Perhaps I can use that programme to do the "montage" and export or render to a format Vegas will be happy with.


      Thanks again gentlemen.


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      was trying to solve this same photo album page turn effect. It has been frustrating, but a Google search turned up your quest of nearly a year ago!  Did you ever find a solution??

      Tried to pm you but a glitch in Video Makers software wouldn't let me do it

      Thanks for your help.

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