Pheasant hunting in south Dakota

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I recently went to South Dakota and decided to shoot the video camera in stead of my shot gun. I find it fascinating that when you get back to edit how many directions you can go. I don't know if one is right or wrong I just do what looks good to me. Let me know where I go wrong.

Thanks for looking

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Loved it! Personally I don't care for the motion of 60p. I try to only shoot with it when planning a slow motion shot but don't move the camera. Other than that I would have desaturated a couple shots a bit but it still looked good. 

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Your intro and outro shots were excellent. Great job!

A really hoopy frood.

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Nice I really enjoyed it. 



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I think you pulled it off very well. Did they share any birds with you? I am jealous, that had to be a good hunt.


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Timelapse and sliding shots were great. Can you share some technical details of what you used?