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      Hey All!

      I am a knifemaker and machinist, and I shoot a number of process videos as well as instructional videos in my workshop.


      I've just moved to a new workshop and I'm trying to work out how I should setup the lighting in the space to be useful for both everyday work and video. I shoot video at different places all over the shop at different tool stations.


      Right now the shop is equipped with 2 ceiling mounted fixtures, each carrying 4x T8-32W fluorescent tubes. There is also task lighting at each work station, which will be equipped with bulbs that match whatever other lighting I end up adding (in terms of color temperature).


      There are no windows in the space, so light spill from sunlight is not an issue. The ceilings are 12-1/2' high, so I have quite a bit of space to play with.


      Simply put I have a few questions:


      1) Given that I don't have to mix with sunlight is there any issue with using warmer lighting? I can easily get 2700K, 5000K, or 6500K lights for the space but I generally find the 2700K lighting much more pleasant to work under. Will this this have any disadvantages that I should be aware of? (obviosuly I will set the white balance settings on my camera to suit).


      2) What is the best lighting setup for a space like this? Should I just add a lot more fixtures to the ceiling? Should I setup some sort of key light (ring light maybe?) attached to my tripod so it comes with me when I move the camera from station to station? Should I bounce floods off the ceiling to use it as a diffuser? I'm kind of lost on this front…


      I've included some photos of the space below so you can see what I'm working with!



      Here's an example of a past video I did in my last shop, the space was much smaller and relatively easy to light in an acceptable fashion:



      Any advice and input is appreciated! Thanks for your help!


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